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Technology Solutions for the Legal Industry

Streamline document processing while lowering your printing costs

Law firms, real estate offices, accountants, and insurance companies handle a significant volume of physical legal documents every year. Managing everything from contracts to motions to briefs necessitates the optimization of printing processes and document management systems within these organizations to ensure efficiency and security.

For many legal operations, managing documents can become a daunting task, often plagued by inefficient manual processes. The preparation, filing, and transmission of documents can consume excessive time, leading to adverse effects on client satisfaction and overall service quality. This, in turn, can create a multitude of issues, including security and compliance vulnerabilities, redundancies, and unbillable labor.

We offer a variety of solutions, ranging from document and content management systems designed to automate office processes to Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled multifunction copiers and printers that seamlessly integrate with existing cloud applications and services.

The legal industry is evolving at a rapid rate. Are you doing enough to keep up?


Of legal organizations that leveraged technology effectively increased their profits.

Reduce costs while increasing productivity

We offer solutions tailored to the specific needs of law firms, real estate offices, accountants, and insurance companies, addressing document processing and digitization while simultaneously emphasizing cost reduction in both printing and overall operational expenses..

Quickly locate and store important documents

Zoom Imaging Solutions, Inc can bring Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled devices to your office that can create text searchable PDFs, so you can find the documents you need easily and quickly. Our content management solutions can help you design and implement the perfect digital filing system to make document retrieval a breeze.

Track and bill back clients accurately

Optimize your invoicing for printing and copying by using customizable and accurate reports, ensuring that you bill your clients correctly.

Secure your network of printers and MFPs

Don’t fret over unauthorized device usage. Instead, utilize required swipe cards, RFID badges, PIN codes, or biometrics.

Collaborate more easily with peers and staff

Online folders help eliminate the need for paper and help you share, audit, alter, and deliver electronic documents more quickly. Voice and video collaboration solutions make it easier to communicate when unavoidable disruptions may occur.

Maintain records for required compliance standards

Official guidelines and regulations carry significant costs and risks when it comes to compliance. We can help you stay compliant.

Reduce your office operational expenses

Optimize your office and reduce paper waste by improving the efficiency of your print operations.

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Gain control of documents and data

Xerox® Managed Print Services

We know that the retail industry uses multiple documents for every step in the customer journey. We help you integrate and streamline processes to better serve your clients and employees.

  • Control your printing costs

  • Gain visibility of all printing devices

  • Utilize in-depth analytics to better understand trends

Keep your business connected and secure

Xerox® IT Services

Our wide selection of network hardware and custom solutions will allow you to create a secure and modern IT infrastructure.

  • Enhanced data security solutions

  • Extensive product catalog with flexible pricing for laptops, desktops, Chromebooks, firewalls, and more

  • Integrated cloud and mobile solutions

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Collaborate intelligently from anywhere

VoIP, Telecom, Voice and Video Collaboration

Empower your team and clients to collaborate seamlessly, no matter where they are.

  • VoIP hardware and solutions

  • Immersive room technology for remote video conferencing

  • Team collaboration tools and software

Cloud connected - app driven

Xerox® ConnectKey® Multifunction Copiers and Printers

Xerox® ConnectKey® enabled printers and MFPs deliver industry leading document and printing security while offering the ability to integrate devices with cloud and app services.

  • Secure printing and document scanning

  • Utilize popular services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Sharepoint and more

  • Customizable user interface for ease of use

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Why choose Xerox® IT support?

IT environments are time consuming, complex, often costly and can take your focus away from what's most important — your business. From desktop to data center, Xerox® IT Services can manage, maintain and support your entire IT infrastructure.

Our offerings range from technology procurement and managed IT services to cloud migrations and critical information security management. Simply put, we manage your technology so you can manage your business.

What if you could put mundane, repetitive tasks on autopilot?

Xerox® Robotic Process Automation lets you automate manual tasks across business processes. Do more in less time and with fewer resources.

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